Inspired by the Morphing Terrarium E350 and the loading of samples from the Cloud Terrarium E352.
Like the Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium, it can morph a wavetable bank of 64 waves in a 8x8 grid (X and Y) and from wave 1 to 64 (Z).
However, it is able to read wavetable banks from the E352. It does not implement all other advanced features of the E352. It also lacks FM.

E352 wavetable banks can be downloaded here, including the original E350 banks called 'Bank A', 'Bank B' and 'Bank C':

WaveEdit Online WAVs

In version 1.3, there was a complete rewrite of the morphing and used oscillator. The pitch artifacts are now gone.


Avalon - v1.2, 2021-10-27
Avalon - v1.3, 2021-11-15

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Delay Section (Top three knobs)

Start       - X position in the wavetable (8x8 XY grid)
Density     - Y position in the wavetable (8x8 XY grid)
Speed       - Z position (coarse morph)
Size        - Z position (fine morph)
Size Alt    - Z position (fine morph range)
Blend       - Morphing between XY and Z. Different Morph modes available.
Blend Alt   - Morph Mode
File        - Advances to the next wavetable bank file.
Reset       - Resets to the first wavetable bank file, consecutive presses will advance 5 banks, starting from 0.
Have fun!


(PDF in .zip)

Main functions