Mars Affects, an effect instrument for the Qu-Bit Nebulae v2.
Based on the original 'Effects' and 'World of Echo' instruments.
Yes, 'Affects' with an 'A' and Mars with an 'M'.

Changes / Enhancements to original instruments

Two delay lines, which can be Skewed independently to create a Stereo Delay.
Reverb effect can be enriched with a Chorus-like effect.
Two input modes: Stereo or 2x Mono mode. Output is Stereo in both modes.
Independent control for the Dry or Delay signal going into the Reverb.
Knob ranges and responses have been tweaked to go a bit more extreme.


Mars_Affects - v1, 2021-07-17


Delay Section (Top three knobs)

Start       - Delay Time
Speed       - Delay Skew
Size        - Feedback
Size Alt    - Delay signal to Reverb

Reverb Section (Middle three knobs)

Density     - Reverb Time
Pitch       - Reverb Chorus
Pitch Alt   - Chorus Range
Overlap     - Reverb Filter
Overlap Alt - Dry signal to Reverb

Mixing Section (Lower two knobs and buttons)

Blend      - Delay Amount
Blend Alt  - Left level mix
Window     - Reverb Amount
Window Alt - Right level mix
Record     - Mute incoming Signal
Source     - Stereo or 2x Mono mode
Freeze     - 100% Wet
Have fun!


(PDF in .zip)